Austin Eli's Birth Story

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Austin Eli's Birth Story
Wed, 12-03-2008 - 11:36am

Wednesday morning at 3:30 am I woke up to a small gush of fluid and thought maybe my water had broken or maybe I just went to the bathroom, I really didn't know.

Mommy to Jackson 9/12/06, Austin 11/26/08, and my beautiful angel Andy 12/29/2007


Thank you beccam

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Wed, 12-03-2008 - 11:43am
Congratulations!! I'm not sure if I responded to your other posts or not, but I definitely read them and I am so happy for you! I hope Austin is ready to come home really soon. When I had Phoenix, he was 34.5 weeks, had a perfect Apgar score, no problems, but ended up staying in the hospital for 8 days as well. So maybe it was a bit premature to send Austin home so soon, I dunno.

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Wed, 12-03-2008 - 11:53am


Thank you for sharing your exciting, miraculous birth story.

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Wed, 12-03-2008 - 12:28pm

Thank you for your birth story. Your boy is so strong, I am sure he will be fine and in just couple days you will be enjoying him at home again.

Again, thanks for sharing,




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Wed, 12-03-2008 - 7:05pm

Its obvious your a strong proud and loving mom. Thank you for sharing your birth story, its sounds like he is really a strong fight'in baby. i hope you are all home together soon and healthy for the holiday.


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Thu, 12-04-2008 - 9:13am

Your boy is an inspiration! So are you ~:) Thank you for sharing your story.. I'm glad to hear they are looking after your little boy till he is good and ready to go home! From your story, he's a strong boy, I'm sure he will be ready soon.

Welcome to the world Austin Eli! You guys are in my thoughts and prayers always..
Lots of Love,


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Sat, 12-06-2008 - 11:20pm

Congratulations Jennifer. So sorry I am late.

I already responded to your other post, but I am so happy he is safe in your arms. Now we just got to get that bilirubin down and then you can really start to fully enjoy him without so much worry.

Congrats again.

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Thu, 12-11-2008 - 10:11pm
Wow Jennifer. He sure is your miracle baby. It seems you had a stressful pregnancy until the very end. Congrats! I am glad you can finally breathe a sigh of relief! Jenn

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