Three good Things Thursday

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Three good Things Thursday
Thu, 04-17-2003 - 11:17am
Share the good things in your life today or share the things you are thankful for on this special day for so many people throughout the world.

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Thu, 04-17-2003 - 4:05pm
Oh, there are so many good things to be thankful for - but on a day like today it puts it all in perspective doesn't it????

1. It's a good thing that Jesus died for my sins and I can live by faith for Him because I sure couldn't get to heaven based on good works - I'd never make it!

2. It's a good thing that His WORD is truth and that I have God's everlasting grace, mercy and love, ultimately it's all I need!

3. It's a good thing that I can do all things thru Christ who stregthens me. I'd be a lot more tired if I didn't have Him in my life!

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Thu, 04-17-2003 - 5:53pm
Let's see...

1. I don't work this evening (finally breaking the trend of Thursday night shifts)!

2. Hubby bought me a chocolate Easter treat!

3. I have a nice stack of scrap paper for printing my stories - I collected odd sheets we had around, then hubby gave me the notes he used for an open-book exam.

Becca :)


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