Tell All Tuesday!

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Tell All Tuesday!
Tue, 04-22-2003 - 11:23am
Hey! Tell us all about your week! What are your plans? How's work going? What are you reading? etc.... Do you have any special prayer requests for us to work on for ya?

Let us know what's going on in your world this week.

As for me in my world... I'm working hard on meeting production goals at our office. I need to get another $1000 in before May comes. Anyone out there have a toothache?? I'm also getting prepared for a bit of a long weekend. I think we're going to have a 4 day weekend this week. We have to take Thursday off because we have some appointments that afternoon. So I'm hoping that we will be able to enjoy some of our weekend. As for what I'm reading. I'm reading a couple of things simultaneously. I just finished the Visitor by Lori Wick and I'm now reading a paperback called Her Perfect Match by Kate Welsh. I joined a book club-sorta- and got lots of these "inspirational romances" for a very low fee. If anyone is interested in reading some of these titles they can e-mail me and I'll send them along to you once I'm finished. They are very light reading, but make for fun summer fiction.

That's what's going on with me. I'll talk to you all soon.


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Wed, 04-23-2003 - 11:16pm
I thought I answered this message, but my reply hasn't show up. Let's try again!

What are your plans? **I have a couple more shifts at work, plus packing and such for hubby. We'll be spending as much time as possible just enjoying each other's company!

How's work going? **Okay. I'm tired of the hassles of the renovations being done right now - why couldn't they wait till the new store is done in the fall? It'll be closer to the downtown area, and would have allowed the customers to continue with the same company even as one store becomes chaos. Unfortunately, that mess is making people go to the competition - or just causing extreme grumpiness and frustration. Anyway...

What are you reading? **"Emily of New Moon" by L.M. Montgomery. I want to request a couple Dee Henderson books ("True Valor" and "The Truth Seeker"), plus re-read "The Negotiator" if it's back soon. I'll probably look for other ideas before my next library trip.

Do you have any special prayer requests for us to work on for ya? **Not bawling my eyes out when hubby leaves - or when I think about how many days are left in "together time." Hopefully, he'll look for ways to make the most of the summer, since I plan to do so in an effort to prevent miserable-ness. (I'm much better at being optimistic! I hate wallowing in sadness.)


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