Thankful Thursday Thoughts

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Thankful Thursday Thoughts
Thu, 05-01-2003 - 12:32pm
Time to reflect on what's good in our lives. It can be small, big, silly, or serious. For what would you like to say thanks to God?

Here are mine:

- projects to keep me busy (including spring cleaning, and redecorating my living room)

- a new story ("Cara") to get me back into creative thinking

- five library books waiting for me when I'm ready

- re-reading "True Devotion" by Dee Henderson

- seeing a girl on "The View" who is soooo like a character in "The Princess Diaries" - she's so funny and cute!

- the long life, so far, of the rose I received more than a week ago (better feed it some more water and sugar!)

- chatting *early* this morning on MSN with hubby

Time to get back to my cleaning. Have a great day, everyone!

Becca :)


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Thu, 05-01-2003 - 2:30pm
Well I'll just jot some of my thankful thoughts right here to share ;-)

- I'm thankful that I got thru my first injection this morning with no problem. (having to give myself some medication)

- I'm thankful that one of my friends called to check up on me.

- I'm thankful that we're a bit slower this month, DH mentioned to me last night that maybe this is God's plan for us to have plenty of time to get to Dr's appointments and things. Being slow isn't always bad when it's God's timing

- I'm thankful for a new friendship beginning. I'm going out to dinner with a new friend from church tonight. Chili's- yummy!

I'm glad that I have a grateful heart today. It could be due to the fact that I've been getting into God's word regularly.


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Thu, 05-01-2003 - 10:12pm
I'm thankful for so many things:

My dh, who is the BEST

Finding this board to post what I am thankful for and reading other ppls thoughts!

That there is a National Day of Prayer!

Having so many things to be thankful for!

I could go on all night.....but I won't! :) DH had a very very long day at work and then went to play for worship tonight, we hosted the National Day of Prayer at our church tonight. DH said that there were a lot of ppl and it was just awesome, everyone kept commenting on how they felt the Spirit just moving in there! I wish I could have been there!!!!