It's the return of "Church Talk"!

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It's the return of "Church Talk"!
Sun, 05-18-2003 - 1:14pm
I've gone to church each of the past few Sundays, but I've forgotten to post anything about it since before the new format, I believe.

Today's message was from Isaiah 6:1-7, and dealt with the holiness of God. Isaiah's vision teaches us not only how holy God is (and some of what "holiness" acutally means), but how that affects us, since we are far from holy! I don't have my notes at the computer right now, though I know I liked a lot of the explanations the pastor had about darkness and light (how God's holiness exposes things we don't see when in the darkness of sin).

What did you learn?

Becca :)


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I'm glad for the opportunity to share about my church. We had beautiful worship. We sang "open the eyes of my heart". we hadn't sung it before and I really loved it. My favorite new song is You are still holy. the words are beautiful... Holy you are still holy even when the darkness surrounds my life.

Sovereign you are still sovereign, even when confusion has blinded my eyes.

Lord I don't deserve you kind affection.

When my unbelief has kept me from your touch.

I want my life to be a pure reflection, of you love

So I come into your chambers and I dance at your feet Lord

You are my Savior and I'm at your mercy

All that has been in my life until now- it belongs to you

For you are still holy.

I just love that song. The message was on what to do when you are overwhelmed! It was just perfect for me and my DH.

Thanks for askin' becca!