***Thursday Thanks & Thoughts****

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***Thursday Thanks & Thoughts****
Thu, 05-22-2003 - 12:02pm
I just personally want to thank all of my sisters on this board who have been praying for me. I had my procedure yesterday and all is well. I'm back at work today- a little sore- but none the worse for wear. Thank you and please keep praying!

Thanks and Thoughts! What are your Thanks for today? Any thoughts on what's going on in your world at this time? Let us know what's happening in your life today.

My thanks are for getting thru the outpatient procedure and for my DH who took care of me yesterday while I was on bedrest. My thanks to God for the success of the procedure and for the doctor's and kind nurses who too care of me.

My thoughts are going to the verse in scripture that "whatever you dread will overcome you, but what you desire will be granted to you." I have a fair amount of dread and I'm trying so hard to not let it overcome me. I'm thinking how excited I will be when I'm a mommy for the very first time.


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Thu, 05-22-2003 - 11:15pm
Let's see...

Thanks: that you're doing well, Stacey; that I'm writing, even if it isn't my longer story but a short project instead; that I might be getting a Polaroid camera tomorrow, after having dreamed about one for around 15 years; that I have five shifts next week and won't be bored or broke; that I've made it through 1/4 of my solo summer.

Thoughts: a good mood for me is quite dependent on how hubby's doing, so when he's missing me (like tonight) it's hard for me to encourage him as I get down as well - and then when he phones as I write that, I get a second chance to cheer him up :)

Gotta get to bed - hadn't realised it was this late and I'm trying to go to bed a bit earlier every night.

Becca :)


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