***Tuesday Tell All****

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***Tuesday Tell All****
Tue, 06-03-2003 - 11:35am
Well, does anyone here have a secret to tell? I don't, not yet anyway. My secret for today is that I'm feeling sort of down on me. I don't like how nervous I am about my news tomorrow. I feel that I am having a very hard time "Letting Go and Letting God". Is it always this hard? In my head I know that He's not failed me yet, but in my heart I have so much anticipation and nervousness. I feel like this is such a big deal that I should be a "better Christian" and have faith and be sure of God's promises. But... it's so hard.

Any secret struggles in your Walk that you'd like to share with us today?

I'd love advice or feedback on my secret.


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Tue, 06-03-2003 - 12:11pm
Hon, your doubts reveal that you're human like the rest of the world! If you had "perfect" faith, we'd be less likely to understand you and your life. I learn wonderful things about God, prayer and faith because of the real struggles that shape and refine you.

Knowing all that doesn't take away my wish that we could all have carefree lives. And it doesn't mean that happiness isn't good for us! I'm praying for positive results on your tests since I want your dreams to come true.

As for my spiritual life, I think I beat myself up a lot and this keeps me farther from God than I could be. I let my past sins haunt me and convince me that I'll never be good enough. The wonderful truth I need to embrace and really believe is that all my sins are forgiven and there's no need to attempt to earn my salvation. I've already done what was necessary - I accepted the gift God offers everyone. If I want to please God even further, I can seek to be like Jesus, my hero and mentor and Redeemer. It's high time I let that sink in and change my life instead of bemoaning facts I cannot alter.

Make any sense? Sometimes I wonder if I can express the lessons I'm learning without dragging specifics into the conversation.



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Wed, 06-04-2003 - 10:56am
We ALL have secret struggles don't we? I'm praying for you girl! I prayed for you on my way to work this morning, I prayed for you last night before I went to bed.....

I just keep praying that the desire of your heart would ultimately be God, Himself -- that He's the only one that can truly fill your cup and satisfy all your needs, no matter how much a pregnancy and a child seem to be what you and Mark need. Isn't this a prayer for all of us?

Your struggles are all of our struggles when it comes right down to it and your honesty and the bearing of your heart has been such a witness of your love for Christ and your true relationship with Him and His plan. You know His plan is good and all you're trying to do is put your arms around that plan and love it - either way.


PS: My secret struggle is the fear of death and loss which somehow ties very strangely into an intense fear of flying (which I have to do tomorrow morning).

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Wed, 06-04-2003 - 8:15pm
Hi Stacey, I may not have been posting much but I sure have been praying for you. I think "letting go and letting God" is the biggest challenge in anyone's life. I know that when I keep churning things in my mind God keeps reminding me the answers not in there! And that's not so easy to hear.

My secret? Just offhand I would say that it's pretty challenging being overwieght in an office full of the thinnest people I have ever met! I've had to really work at keeping my self esteem going. My cubicle is near the executive offices and sometimes I feel like a tuna fish sandwich in a caviar world, LOL!