Weekend Welcome

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Weekend Welcome
Sat, 06-07-2003 - 7:48pm
Hi Everyone! I've noticed some new faces on the board. Let's post a welcome here to newbies and lurkers. Post and tell a little bit about yourself on this Weekend Welcome Post!

My name is Stacey, I'm 32 years young, I live in Phoenix, AZ, My favorite author is Francine Rivers or a mystery writer.

I'm one of the 2 cl's on this board! You are all welcome here!


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Sun, 06-08-2003 - 2:10pm
Hello, I'm Becca, the other community leader for the Bookshelf. I will be 25 years old this Wednesday. I currently live in Fredericton, New Brunswick, but was born and grew up in Castlegar, British Columbia.

Interesting fact: I've only spent one full night outside of Canada, after a Jars of Clay concert in Spokane, Washington. All of my other trips to Spokane or Colville were either day trips or resulted in an overnight drive home.

Favourite author: I've become way too critical of Christian writers since I seriously considered writing for that market! I like the old Janette Oke books, and have all of her "Women of the West" series. I also like the "O'Malley series" by Dee Henderson.


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Sun, 06-08-2003 - 3:05pm
Good Afternoon Everyone -

I am Jen. I am 29 years old from Washington State. I love Dee Henderson, Terri Blackstock and Hannah Alexander.

Welcome to all the new faces here on the board and to all the lurkers out there. I have been around here for a while now and this is such a fun place!!!!

God Bless You All


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Mon, 06-09-2003 - 11:28am
My name is Kerry, I am 30 years old and I live in northwest Arkansas.

I work full-time, am married, love God and love to read. This board has opened up a whole new world for me in christian reading and for that I am so grateful!

Welcome and enjoy.....

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Wed, 06-11-2003 - 12:27pm
Welcome to everyone! I have come to love this board! My name is Sandra and I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. My experience with Christian fiction started with Francine Rivers' Mark of the Lion Series, and this board has broadened my knowledge and now love of more christian books. My favorite author is Karen Kingsbury, I also love Dee Henderson.