TGIF - Weekend plans?

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TGIF - Weekend plans?
Fri, 07-18-2003 - 11:32am
Just wondering what we're all planning now that we've reached Friday!

I have tomorrow morning off, will do a bit of banking and maybe laundry too. I work afternoon to evening, so I'll relax once I get home. Church on Sunday and maybe my friends can come over to my place. (Only one person from the congregation has, but then again I haven't had it clean enough to invite anyone!)

I want to work on writing and finish a snail mail letter to my mum. Other than that, I'll fill my spare time with a bit of housecleaning but mostly relaxing activities. As soon as I get the schedule at work tonight, I'll be planning what to do on my next day off. (It's usually Sunday and then one day throughout the week - no two-day weekends.)

Have a great day, gals!

Becca :)


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Fri, 07-18-2003 - 12:55pm
Oh, how I love the weekends....

I will actually be heading to Oklahoma City to see my family and a few friends who are also coming into town. I especially love getting to see my nephew (who turns 1 year old in August)and hang out with my sister!

It's a road trip, so I take along some good CD's and hope the two dogs fall asleep quickly in the back!

Have a good weekend everyone...