Wednesday WWWs

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Wednesday WWWs
Wed, 07-23-2003 - 11:55am
Any wishes, woes, or wows this week?

I'm hoping that all will go well at the garage today, so that my truck is fixed and ready for the road tomorrow. At least I will get the insurance done and paid for! Other than that, my wish is that I will figure out how to install a Java plugin for my usual web browser - I can't enter chat rooms that don't use HTML, and haven't played online games for quite a while. I'm starting to want that chat ability!

The only woe that comes to mind is not finding the time and words to work on my writing. I used a few minutes this morning, so maybe all the little bits will add up to a full scene at some point!

Let's see, what do I have for Wows this week? I'm catching up on my cartoons and kids movies due to a special offer at the nearest video store: a $2 donation to a children's hospital gets me a free kids or family movie each day! That's a lot of movies for a small price. I might donate once more before the special ends in September; I don't want to feel I'm taking advantage of them!

Becca :)


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