Through it All Thursday....

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Through it All Thursday....
Thu, 07-24-2003 - 11:45am
I've just been thinking about how God's gotten me through it all lately. I wonder how I'm not on my face thanking and praising Him every minute. I guess it's another name for Thursday Thanks, but more directed to the Father. I wonder what I'd do without the hope that He gives me, the peace that I feel. I think of where I would be without him and know that it wouldn't be pretty.

Lately I've been worried about the business...not so much as I used to be, but I just think, He's not let us down so far, He's got a plan and a hope and a future for me. That just brings peace to my heart. So I try and do my best. I work hard and pray hard.

What has the Lord brought you through this week. Share if you'd like.



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Thu, 07-24-2003 - 12:37pm
I'm amazed at getting through this summer alone, since I really am quite dependent on family members to be the brains - while I stick with the creative stuff. I'm glad to have God here with me every minute that I'm not confident in my ability to fend for myself, when I'm tired after a shift at work, etc. This isn't how I'd prefer to live my life, so I also thank God that I have a husband who wants to start a family in the next few years. Then I can be surrounded with people all the time - and I'm likely to complain then!

Becca :)


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Fri, 07-25-2003 - 11:40am
God brings me through so much every day! Of course, 98% of it is self-inflicted worry - but he gets me through it anyway.....

I think His continued provision for my parents is what reminds me daily of His grace and His mercy and gets me through every day. I am *such* a worrier (like I probably need to see someone about it)and at some point I am going to need to move on and get passed it because it truly is a huge stronghold in my life.