Catching up Sunday!!

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Catching up Sunday!!
Sun, 07-27-2003 - 8:47am
Oops, I missed Friday and Saturday here at the Bookshelf! Besides work, I was dealing with vehicle repairs and rushing around yesterday evening to prepare my apartment for the most company it's had since we moved in last year! (The Young Adults/College & Careers groups met for games and refreshments.)

What's happening where you live? How's your summer going? When I was younger, I was usually wanting school by the end of July - I enjoyed learning and routine, rather than scratching my head for interesting activities day after day! lol This summer, I'm hoping for August to fly by so that I can have my week-long vacation, which coincides with hubby's return from his summer job! Until then, I have several projects to work on. Wonder how many will be done when hubby's back...

Have a great Sunday, girls!

Becca :)


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