Thursday Thanks!!

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Thursday Thanks!!
Thu, 08-07-2003 - 9:49am
G'morning, all!

What are you grateful for today? Any prayer requests?

I'm happy that I got a good night's sleep and had time for a walk just now. (Sometimes I have so many chores and tasks to fit in before an afternoon shift that I don't get outside.) Also, I found a song that's been in my head since I heard it at work yesterday. ("Lady" by Little River Band - I used 'cause I only remembered a bit of the lyrics, and there it was!) I have 26 days left till hubby returns, so I'll try to finish up a few projects. I bet the last week will be devoted to cleaning/organising, then restocking the kitchen cupboards with food for two!

My prayer requests, beyond health and sanity for myself and hubby, are for my family. Mum and Dad just returned from their summer vacation (visiting mostly his brothers and sisters), and it sounds like my dad wants to work again this fall. I thought he had retired for good, but I should have known the workaholic in him wouldn't leave that easily. I want him to be happy and well, so I pray that he finds enough work to do! And for my sisters, I just hope that their plans for the future come to pass, even the ones I know nothing about!

Thanks for listening to me think aloud, girls. I'm off to finish a letter to my mum (started it in June - eek!). Have a great day!

Becca :)


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Thu, 08-07-2003 - 2:20pm
My prayer request is for me. I'm feeling very stressed out by work situations. Contractor issues are still ongoing and that's not helping me.The office is very slow and we're down so much from this time last year. I'm just feeling overwhelmed with money stuff. Please pray that my faith will increase and I will begin to trust in God for all my needs.

I'm thankful for my pregnancy and a nice anniversary with Mark.