Wednesday WWWs

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Wednesday WWWs
Wed, 08-13-2003 - 1:05pm
Hope you don't mind the usual format of Woes, Wishes, and Wows. I like to take a few minutes to count my blessings and get a little perspective on life!

My Woes: Hmm. Only thing that comes to mind is that I will probably have to visit a doctor soon for a new type of pain medication. I only use it once a month, but I'd rather have something stronger than what I currently use!

Wishes: That these last 20 days of my solo summer will fly by, yet I'll still be able to get my place lookin' great for hubby. Also, I have a few changes to make in my diet, so I hope it won't cost too much and will be relatively painless to adjust.

Wows: I'm so relieved after talking with a dietician. I haven't been doing everything wrong with my eating habits, so a complete overhaul isn't needed! And it's extremely comforting to know I'm not crazy; I just have another medical condition! ;)

All right, gals, I gotta clean up my kitchen and then get some writing done. Don't hesitate to share anything and everything about your day, your week, your life - my online friends are an important link to "the real world" for me. And I honestly hope that chatting here will brighten your days!

Becca :)


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