Thursday Thankfulness

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Thursday Thankfulness
Thu, 08-14-2003 - 10:49am
Sometimes I have wishes even on Thursday! Today I'm wishing that it would just rain and rain. I think that we have had some rain overnight, but I just am wishing that it would come to stay during the day. It's been the hottest August on record here in AZ and I'm ready for some relief.

My Thanks for today is that I slept well. Had no bad dreams which has become sort of a habit lately.

I'm also thankful for such a hardworking husband.

I'm thankful for a full schedule today.

What's on your thanks list today? Pretend it's Thanksgiving and tell us what you're thankful for today!


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Thu, 08-14-2003 - 11:38am
My thankfulness list:

- a new CL for the Creative Christian Writing board (I was getting lonely and overwhelmed by the task)

- productive appointment yesterday with a dietician at the Diabetes Clinic

- wasn't too difficult to find a few groceries that will help me keep my blood sugar at normal levels (I'll still need some adjustment to cutting out sugary foods but I'm closer to the diet I should have than I was a couple years ago)

- assurance from the dietician that I am at a perfect weight - yipee!

- only 19 days left till hubby's home!!!

Time to get food ready to take to work, then make my lunch! Have a good day, all!

Becca :)


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