Tuesday Talk!

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Tuesday Talk!
Tue, 08-26-2003 - 9:35am
I've had to make a few changes in my eating habits lately, both what I eat and how often. So far, I'm thankful for the handouts the dietician gave me, 'cause there are some yummy foods I've been neglecting. (I tend to have different phases, where I'll eat lots of one food and forget about variety!)

Which leads me to my question for today: What are your favourite snacking foods? And do you have them nearby when you read? (A woman from church told me there was a time when she needed to gain weight, so she began snacking as she read. Now she has to get out of the habit so she can maintain a healthy weight but not exceed it!)

My answers: I am enjoying one particular snack idea from my hypoglycemia handout - cottage cheese, raw vegetables (been using mini carrots), and wheat crackers. The crackers are a little boring and dry on their own, but with the rest of the food, they're perfect! I just grab a small plate and throw about six crackers on, a little handful of carrots, and then scoop out some cottage cheese to fill the empty space! Yum yum yum. Of course, I would love to eat something with chocolate in it.... this is healthier, though, so it's better for avoiding unpleasant hypoglycemic symptoms!!

I talk a lot, don't I? I'll make my second answer shorter. I don't usually eat when I read, unless it's mealtime and the book is too good to put down!

Becca :)


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