Seeking the name of a book series.....

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Seeking the name of a book series.....
Tue, 09-02-2003 - 8:38pm
I posted this question on two other websites, but was not successfull, so I just copied and pasted it here, hoping someone can help me out. THANKS

When I was 8-10 (I am 27 now) there was a series of books that I read that were kind of like a Christian version of Sweet Valley High (if you can imagine that.) I believe that title character was either Elizabeth or Gayle, or maybe Elizabeth Gayle. Anyways she is a troubled child who goes to live with a family who have strong Christian values. By the time I read the last book I remember her getting married in what I believe was a double wedding.

Also there was another series of books I read around the same time. This may sound odd, but I cannot remember if the series was called the unicorn club or if the books them selves were the unicorn club (like Harliquin) all I remember is in one book one of the girls has a really bad accident and loses her ability to speak, her friends would call her and ask her yes or no questions and she would tap the reciever once for yes and twice for no.

I know this might be a long shot based on the little info I gave, but any help on the names of these two series would be great.

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Wed, 09-03-2003 - 6:40am
Those stories don't sound familiar to me. Did you ever read any Robin Jones Gunn? I can't remember the name of the girl in one of her teen series (Christie, perhaps), but I collected the books and even entered a magazine contest to write a yearbook entry from the character to her best friend. (Didn't win, but I still have the postcard the author sent me to encourage my writing. Cool!)

Becca :)


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Wed, 09-03-2003 - 9:59am

I know one of the book sets that you are talking about. There is a set out there called Elizabeth Gale(SP?). My sister has the set up to the marrage of Elizabeth, she is a foster child that goes to live on a farm. When she grows up she wants to be a concert paniest.

I cannot tell you who the author it. I know that a few years ago the books were reissued. I also know that they are very hard to find. It took my sister 7 years to get the whole set.

You might try looking on