Tuesday Talk

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Tuesday Talk
Tue, 09-09-2003 - 12:39pm
Hey! Let's get some topics rolling here! It's a tuesday free for all. Let's have it- your pet peeves, your favorite things, your goals and wishes for the week, your plans for this fall or the next holiday-

Let's get talkin' about what's going on in your head this morning!

For me, I'm busy planning some trips. You know we've decided to go to St. Louis for Thanksgiving vs. Christmas this year. Due to my advancing pregnancy at that time... and I just found great fares from St. Louis to Phx and vice versa. We are going to have to move on buying those tickets. Plus I'm due to go to Las Vegas that month as well for my oldest friends wedding. We've been buddies since we were like 7? Anyway, it should all be fun times, but with going out of town this weekend, DH going out of town the following, and us both going out of town the weekend of the 26th it seems silly to be buying tickets for 2 more trips! Anyway- it's all very fun so I'm thankful..

That's what's on my brain today!


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Wed, 09-10-2003 - 7:56am
Hey there! I was exhausted and feeling "icky" last night, so I'm only now getting to Tuesday business. I'm not thinking much about Christmas just yet, but Thanksgiving comes in October for me and I'd love to visit PEI. (Hubby mentioned that tourist destination while he was away, and I don't intend to let him forget about it. ;) )

Other than that, I have to make it through another 3 shifts before an actual two-day weekend. (Didn't ask for it, but I got Saturday off instead of Wednesday or Thursday.) I want to go to the library Sat., do some writing, and relax with hubby!

Pet peeve right now: slow postal service - or are we just too impatient? ;)

Time to find some breakfast (and figure out what food I can bring when I go to work later in the day)!

Becca :)


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