Saturday Six

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Saturday Six
Sat, 09-13-2003 - 2:15pm
Name six movies you'd recommend. Old, new, still in theatre - name any you wish!

And just to give my library list a boost, any book recommendations?

Becca :)


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Sat, 09-13-2003 - 6:33pm
Six Movies

1. Jesus of Nazerith- I love this one and will one day add it to my collection. I also think that this was one of the better movies on the live of Christ. It is about 8 hours long, and was a movie searies for one of the TV chanels in the 1970's. But I cannot wait to see The Passion.

2. Pirates of the Carrabiean(sp?)- this one was much better than I thought it would be

3. Court Jester- everyone should see this one, it is an old movie but it is so funny.

4. Fiddler on the Roof- a bit long but I love to hear Topal sing.

5. Brighton Beach Memuars(sp?)- written by Eugine O'Niel, it deal with his early life

6. I Love You To Death- it is based on a true story of a woman in Tocoma WA who tried to kill her husband because of he affairs.

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Sun, 09-14-2003 - 3:39pm
Six Movies:

Return to Me

An Affair to Remember

Fly Away Home

Sweet Home Alabama

and for fun


Lilo and Stitch





by Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley

A Miracle for St. Cecilia's

A Gathering of Angels

by Katherine Valentine

The Snowbirds

Saving Grace

by Annie Jones

Sisterchicks on the Loose

by Robin Jones Gunn

A Can of Peas

by Traci DePree


Bright Captivity

Eugenia Price

Non Christian but very good:

Elm Creek Quilt series starting with The Quilter's Apprentice

by Jennifer Chiaverini

Tending Roses

by Lisa Wingate

Have a great day,