Monday Melodies

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Monday Melodies
Mon, 09-15-2003 - 2:53pm
I've been away for a few days- before I get caught up on the posts I missed I wanted to post a question. I've been singing a song from my women's retreat and yesterday all morning. Great lyrics that have really penetrated my spirit. Hope they do the same for you. What are you singing this morning?

I stand in the presence of the Lord most High. I stand in the presence of the Lord of Hosts

I have known his mercy, I have know his grace, I have know his power day to day.

Of whom shall I be afraid, of whom shall I fear

my God is Mighty my God is here

of whom shall I be afraid of whom shall I fear

my God is Mighty.... my God is here.



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Tue, 09-16-2003 - 8:52am
I wasn't actually singing yesterday, and for once didn't have a tune stuck in my head; but I was happy anyway and that's what counts. And I'm happy today 'cause I have the day off. I'll probably be able to get a few errands taken care of, including a trip to the library. I have a list that's been building up over the summer and I finally put it all on one piece of paper. So, I'll go into the stacks and see what I find - I'm sure I'll have to request some of them, but I'll start with those available at my local branch.

Better get ready for an appointment with a dietician, but I'll try to pop in later. (I'm hoping that sometime this week, hubby will have the second computer running - then I'll be at the keyboard a lot more!)

Becca :)


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Tue, 09-16-2003 - 12:59pm
I have been singing this for about a week now. I just love it.

Spirit of the Sovereign Lord

Come and make Your presence known

Reveal the glory of the Living God

Let the weight of Your glory cover us

Let the life of Your river flow

Let the truth of Your kingdome reign in us

Let the weight of Your glory

Let the weight of Your glory fall

We do not seek Your hand

We only seek Your face

We want to know You

We want to see You

Reveal Your glory in thei place.

The song is called LET THE WEIGHT OF YOUR GLORY FALL by Steve Merkel

It is on THE DAYS OF ELIJAH cd it is also on the JERUSALEM ARISE cd