Sunday Survey

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Sunday Survey
Sun, 09-28-2003 - 2:36pm
Just a short one, I promise.

1. Do you receive book recommendations from your friends at church? (Do you share titles as well?)

2. Have you ever participated in a Secret Sisters exchange?

3. If your church has two or more services on Sunday, which do you prefer?


The pastor's wife and I sometimes talk books. I like it when I can lend her a title I just got from the library. Must remember to request a Lisa Samson novel and have her try it...

The ladies of my church are just starting Secret Sisters. I've done this before, when I lived with my parents as well as when I was at university, in a women's dorm. It's been a while since the last exchange, so I may be calling my mum for tips!

I used to prefer the morning service, but now if I'm sleepy or lazy in the morning (which I wasn't today) I just remind myself that I can go at 6 pm!

Becca :)


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Mon, 09-29-2003 - 3:58pm

Hey Becca! Thanks for posting this fun survey.