Do What Needs To Be Done

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Do What Needs To Be Done
Tue, 10-14-2003 - 9:31am
Listen now! The Lord isn't too weak to save you. And he isn't getting deaf! He can hear you when you call! But the trouble is that your sins have cut off from God. ~Isaiah 59:1-2~

Dear Child,

>Don't think I haven't heard you calling me. Don't think I've put you on hold. I want to help you. But there's something standing between us. Be quiet in my presence and listen to what my Spirit in you is trying to say. Take pen and paper with you. Write down what you hear in your heart. Is there someone whose forgiveness you need to seek? Is there someone who has wronged you whom you have not forgiven? Is there something that I've you to do that you still haven't done? Some behavior I've asked you to change? Some attitude I've asked you to adjust?

These things (whatever they rae) stand between you and me. Please, my child, don't let anything keep us apart. Take care of business today.

Your Father,


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Tue, 10-14-2003 - 11:59am


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