Hold That Picture

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Hold That Picture
Thu, 10-30-2003 - 3:12pm
Lift up your eyes and see! For your sons and daughters are coming home to you from distant lands. Your eyes will shine with joy, your hearts will thrill. ~Isaiah 60:4-5~

My Child,

>I want to set a picture in your heart--a picture that will inspire you to pray for your children. Look with the eyes of your heart and see your own son or daughter coming home to me. Picture your own prodigal child, moving joyfully, hopefully toward me and my kingdom.

On that day, you'll realize how little your everyday worries have mattered. On that day, you'll set them all aside and rush down the raod with me to greet your beloved child, the one you've waited for. There will be a ring for his finger, a robe for his shoulders, and a celebration with the family of faith. Hold that picture and pray toward that reality.

Your Faithful Father,