Finally Friday!

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Finally Friday!
Fri, 11-07-2003 - 8:45am
Let's talk about the weekend, and hopefully it'll arrive sooner. (I work afternoon to evening, and will be very glad when ten o'clock comes so I can be home again.)

Any plans? Wishes? Ways to relax?

Any church functions to look forward to?

I'm planning to do some more translation work (getting much closer to the paycheque) but otherwise relax. I'm scheduled for a writing group chat tomorrow morning, then maybe we'll take a little drive somewhere? I have a couple books to read if I want, and the characters in my story have been in my head quite a bit, so maybe I'll jot down a scene or two to add to my potential first novel. So, I wish to relax and yet get things done! :)

I stayed home from church last weekend, so I'll probably go Sunday evening (no need to worry about sleeping in for that service ;) ) and see my friends again. Though it's still a while from now, I'm getting curious about what they'll have for Christmas...

Hoping everyone has a good day and a fabulous weekend,

Becca :)

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