Thursday Thanks

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Thursday Thanks
Thu, 11-13-2003 - 9:31am
What are you thankful for today? Anything you are waiting for eagerly?

My blessings:

- I'm almost finished the translation work I started last month (had to sneak it in between work and sleep) and the cheque should be sent off today

- New library books

- Friends and family

- Lost a few pounds in a couple weeks, hoping to make more time for exercise so I stay at a healthy weight even as I eat often throughout the day

I'm already excited about my next day off, Sunday. My shifts usually go quickly even as they leave me exhausted, but I'm hoping I'll have lots of energy on Saturday, so I make use of having the evening off! (Two days off with hubby don't come along that often, so I want him to feel that the half-day together is worth it.)

Have a great day, I'll check in tomorrow evening. (Back-to-back shifts mean I won't be the computer for long when I come home tonight - I'll have to head to bed almost immediately!)

Becca :)

~~I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13 NKJV~~


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Thu, 11-13-2003 - 11:44am

Well I've got some good things to be thankful for as well. I always like Thursday Thanks. It makes me be having some gratitude even when I'm feeling cranky and down. It's good to remember all of my blessings at least once a week huh?

I'm thankful that it's only 2 weeks til Thanksgiving! I just can't wait to eat that meal! Honestly I'm so looking forward to my mom's home cooking. This is the first time in at least 4 years that we've been with true family during Thanksgiving.