Thursday Thoughts- books

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Thursday Thoughts- books
Thu, 11-20-2003 - 10:56am

I'm looking for some inspiration these days! What is the most inspirational book or books you've ever read?

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Thu, 11-20-2003 - 11:26am
I seem to be passing along Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers to all my girlfriends. I gave it as Christmas gifts last year and have been giving it as birthday gifts this year....

I think what inspired me the most by it was the message of how much Jesus loves us. No matter what we do to ourselves, to others, or to his creation - He is always willing to accept us back into His grace when we have been the one to pull away.


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Thu, 11-20-2003 - 11:02pm
I was thrilled and uplifted after reading Dee Henderson's "The Negotiator." I loved the character of Kate, found the plot gripping, and was happy to have another Christian author on my To Be Read list.

Becca :)

~~I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13 NKJV~~


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Thu, 11-20-2003 - 11:29pm
not the best or most inspirational ever, but recently I read Grace in Autumn by Lori Copeland and Anglela Ewell Hunt and was pleasently suprised by how much I enjoyed it. I going tyo go throught the series now! I recommend starting with Grace the second in the series because the series is all about Angels living among us unaware (Reminded me sort of like Men In Black with Angels) on a small Island in Maine. The first book gives away who the angels are, but the second suprises you with them, and so it's more fun.