Monday Morning Musings

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Monday Morning Musings
Mon, 12-22-2003 - 12:42pm

I'm just wondering how we balance it all? I find myself waiting longer and longer to get out of bed these days because I keep thinking about when baby comes I'll never get to sleep in anymore.... maybe this is just a rumor but I've heard babies tend to keep mommies busy. :)

How do you balance your holiday activites and your regular ones this busy time of year? I'm finding myself feeling much more laid back this holiday.

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Mon, 12-22-2003 - 5:20pm
Stacey, I do the same thing when I can - I try to get lots of sleep now 'cause in the future I may not be so privileged. And I'm not even expecting yet!

We haven't done a lot of holiday activities so far. Some shopping on the 8th and 9th, then sending packages out in the mail. Several days later, I bought a gift for a co-worker in the deli. Then I thought I should get one for my locker buddy.

It wasn't until last Thursday that I bought a tree, and Friday night before I was free to decorate. Now hubby is out shopping for me, and I may see about the Christmas food tomorrow morning. (I need other groceries anyway...)

Not sure what we're planning for the 24th, but I have the whole day off. I may organise a little so I feel ready for the big day. ;)

A quiet celebrater,

Becca :)

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