Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!
Thu, 01-01-2004 - 11:02am
We watched "Seabiscuit" for the first time last night, and I barely stayed awake to see all of "X-Men 2" again. Both our families called, so it was a good night!

How were your celebrations? (And what time did you wake up? For me it was a bit before 11 am, though I had gone to bed at 1:30...)

Becca :)

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Fri, 01-02-2004 - 9:53am
I went to a dinner party but we ended it early, around 10:30 pm. Around Dallas the traffic can get pretty crazy on New Year's Eve so we all decided ahead of time to beat the traffic home. I went to sleep at 1130 but I woke up a half hour later to honking horns, shouting and firecrackers.

On New Year's day I took down all of our Christmas Decorations and finally organized them (numbered each box,listed what was in there and put the info on a spreadsheet!) and got 2 boxes of decorations are going to Goodwill. That felt great! Now all I need to do is go through my upstairs storage. That spring cleaning bug hit me early!