Java & "Finding Nemo"

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Java & "Finding Nemo"
Thu, 01-08-2004 - 5:37am
Good Morning Everyone -

Last night as I was falling asleep I had the video "Finding Nemo" playing on my computer. That is the only DVD player that I have. Well, anyway, Java, my 2 1/2 year old kitty cat, planted herself right up next to the computer screen and watched the whole movie. Well, I had fallen asleep before it ended. When the movie ended Java started to meow and woke me up. She then started to paw at the computer screen. It was the cutiest and funniest thing I have ever seen her do. So being the good mommy that I am...I re-started the movie for her and went back to sleep!!!

God Bless Y'All

~Jen & Java~

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Sat, 01-10-2004 - 5:06pm
I missed this before. Kitties are funny, aren't they? Also, perhaps the animation is quite life-like? ;)

Becca :)

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