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Baby Talk
Thu, 01-15-2004 - 4:44pm
Stacy I hope all is still well with you and the little one. Is time getting close? I have scheduled a c-section due to a previous one so I know I can be prepared to deliver on Feb. 4th. I am looking forward to being not pregnant almost as much as to holding the little one. We still do not have a name picked out and time is running short. My dh is a bit picky about names and we do not agree very well. Do you have one yet? I am kind of nervous about having three little ones, since the two I have keep my quite busy. The first one is definately a breeze in my book though so you should be able to enjoy.

I do reccomend the Baby Wise books by Ezzo to get your baby on a feeding and sleeping schedule. I am not at all strict with it, but it gives you peace of mind as you learn to understand what it is your baby wants when he cries. Both my babies slept a lot as newborns. I reccomend waking them after 3 hours or so during the day to feed them again. That way they learn that daytime is for feeding and nighttime is for sleeping.

Just my $.02. I have been doing a lot of thinking about babies lately. I hope you don't mind my sharing my unsolicited advice.