Burnt My Hand

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Burnt My Hand
Sat, 01-17-2004 - 11:30pm
Good Evening Prayer Warriors -

I come to you tonight in need of prayer for myself. This morning I was cooking a pizza. When I pulled the cookie sheet out of the oven I wasn't paying attention and didn't grab a pot holder. I burned the inside of my left hand really bad. It was bad enough that I had to go to the emergency room. I drove myself because it is only 3 blocks away. They weren't busy...thank goodness and I only spent 45 mintues in there. They put some ointment on it and then a dressing. Then gave me some pain medication. Well, this evening, the pain medication was not doing any good...so I had to go back to the ER to get somethiing else. Thank good they weren't busy and i was there for only 30 minutes. I am still in pain...but it is better with the new medication. Please pray for healing!!!

God Bless Y'All


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Sun, 01-18-2004 - 10:14am
I'll definitely be thinking of you, Jen. I hope it's better this morning.

I've only ever had minor burns, some from switching over to the deli department in the grocery store where I work - at first I wasn't as careful when using the deep fryer. Now I know what to do and I rarely get hurt.

Keep those pot holders close to the oven, girl, and take as much medication as you can!


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