Saturday (Window) Shopping

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Saturday (Window) Shopping
Sat, 01-24-2004 - 9:55am
Let's do a little wishful thinking today. Tell me what's on your wish list - be it books, music, movies, clothes or other items that would make you smile! And to prevent anyone from getting too depressed, let's have a maximum of five things. (I know when I start composing a long wish list, the fact that I can't buy it all bothers me! We want this exercise to be fun!)

Here's mine:

- I still want "The Princess Diaries." Now that I have a DVD player (in the form of our PS2) I'm not restricted to hunting down the video!

- I've also been hankering for another listen to Rebecca St. James' CD "Pray." I have the one after it, somehow skipped over another good one!

- And one more music item: From visiting, I learned that there's one tape/CD I don't have - he's gone to Broadway and beyond, so his record career has been put off. It only contains a small number of tracks - five or six - but I find his lyrics very moving and his voice intriguing! I should have a credit card by my birthday (June) so maybe I'll hop onto the site that day and order it for myself! (It's only $7 USD - not a big splurge...)

- I'm headed for five... I'd like to buy a CD tower for better organisation of my music and CD-ROMs. Then I can move our small collection of books (my big one is at my mum's house still) to the shelf instead of having it hidden in a cupboard - the only space I could find at the time!

- And lastly... I want a new pair of pajamas! The few that I have are either worn out or too short from shrinkage! There's a great second-hand clothing store near my workplace, so I may head over there sometime next month. (Waiting for more money in the account...) Then I can look for jeans, jammies, shirts, dresses, etc. I love getting a bargain, so that store makes me feel good! ;)

Have a great day, everyone! Don't forget to do something for yourself today. (I recommend a small chocolate bar or a yummy cup of tea!)

Becca :)

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