Sunday Sappiness ;)

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Sunday Sappiness ;)
Sun, 02-15-2004 - 9:32am
So, how was Valentine's Day in your "neck of the woods"? If you're not attached, did you spend time with other single friends, or your family? And if you have children, were you able to plan a fun day for all?

I had to work yesterday, but was let off an hour early. Hubby and I went out for dinner, then saw a kid's movie at the theatre. :D We also bought ourselves a couple goodies we've been wanting for four or five months - a computer programming book and a new portable CD player. Fun time with my husband was great, but I'm sure I would have found a way to enjoy the day even if I were single. I'm not a party animal, so it probably would involve a bunch of gals my age watching movies and goofing off. :)

Hugs to all and a happy Sunday,

Becca :)

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