Prayer Needed

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Prayer Needed
Wed, 03-03-2004 - 12:32pm
Good Morning Prayer Warriors -

I really need your prayers. Depression has taken me over again. My doctor switched my medication about 2 weeks ago and I thought I was doing well.....but not now. I haven't been to work today or yesterday. I don't feel like getting out of bed. I could loose my job. I tried talking with my boss, but she was not very understanding. I do have a phone interview with disability to see if I can get on that on Friday at 1:00pm. Please pray for me. You know it is hard for me to talk with people about this because a lot of people just don't understand. They think that I should just go to God and He will heal me. Well, I have been going to God, time and time again. I know that everything is in His own time. But enough is enough. You know what I mean???? Please pray for me!!!

God Bless


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Wed, 03-03-2004 - 10:29pm
I'll be praying for potent medication, Jen. I have times of restlessness and apathy, but I know it's nothing to what you're going through. And it's hard to understand why God hasn't stopped it yet.

Sending many hugs through cyberspace,


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