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Book Discussions online
Fri, 03-05-2004 - 12:05pm
Over the weekend I discovered a website for people to chat and discuss books. I was so excited. I usually check the discussions here, but rarely participate. I do leave messages on this board, but not often. After entering the book chat session, I realized how lucky we are to have the Christian Bookshelf. Needless to say there was no discussion whatsoever about books. It was all about activities that should not be discussed and I would rather not repeat.

This message is a THANK YOU! for being here for me and the many others that use this board.



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Sat, 03-06-2004 - 2:29pm
I'm glad iVillage has what you need. I should start searching for new discussion selections. Do you have any recommendations of good books?


Becca :)

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