Crazy Monday Already

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Crazy Monday Already
Mon, 03-08-2004 - 10:16am
Happy Monday Everyone -

What a crazy Monday already. It is only 7:00am my time and I should be at work right now. Well, on the way to work I hit some wood in the road way and got a gash in my tire. At least I was near the tire store. I left my car there and walked the mile and a half home. I called work and left a message that I was going to be late. My roomate is going to drive me back up to the tire place at 8 when they open. I am going to be a bit late to work...but oh well.

Hope y'all are having a better start to your day than me!!

God Bless Y'All

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Mon, 03-08-2004 - 11:07am
Jen, I hope the rest of your day is phenomenal to make up for the morning. I'll be thinking of you and praying for all to go well.

I'm off for the day and have done a bit of grocery shopping plus I picked up a novel at the library. Have to drive to the university soon to give hubby the textbook he forgot. Should do some housecleaning after lunch, since I tend to neglect it on the days I work - too busy trying to fit in time with hubby and some progress on my writing!


Becca :)

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