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Question of the Week
Mon, 04-12-2004 - 2:55pm

Hi Gang! I know I've been sporadic posting here. I'm still at home on Maternity leave with Samuel for one more week. With my slow computer at home I'm online less, plus the baby keeps me busy.

I've got a fun question for today, it always strikes up conversation.

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Mon, 04-12-2004 - 3:45pm
PP at home: Receiving calls from a fax machine, or from telemarketers.

PP at work: Rude or overly-demanding customers.

PP while shopping: Long lines at the cash register. (I encounter this most at Wal-Mart.)

I tend to vent my pet peeves to my hubby or my co-workers and then try to move on. Some things are easier to forget than others, though.

BTW, I think those salesmen need to learn to read. ;)

Have a great Easter Monday!

Becca :)

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Mon, 04-12-2004 - 4:07pm
Hi Stacey,

Samuel is a little cutie! You have lots more pictures up than before... I love the picture of the family, you look great!

To answer your question, my pet peeves are poor customer service (that's a big one), telemarketers, and drivers who cut you off in traffic or don't let you merge.

I've really missed "seeing" you on the board. I'm looking forward to having you back!