Tuesday Talk

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Tuesday Talk
Tue, 04-20-2004 - 3:48pm

Well it's that time again for Tuesday Talk.

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Tue, 04-20-2004 - 4:24pm
I love to watch Judging Amy. Other than that, I watch NCIS, JAG, and M*A*S*H reruns. There are some other shows I watch on occasion, but not very often anymore. I can't stand "reality" shows. :-)

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Thu, 04-22-2004 - 8:30am
I'm sure I watch too much TV, so I haven't minded that "Judging Amy" and a few other shows are airing reruns. I need some time to catch up! ;)

Here's a sample of what I watch during the week:

Monday - 8 Simple Rules, The O.C., CSI: Miami

Tuesday - Navy NCIS, Smallville, American Idol

Wednesday - Gilmore Girls, Enterprise, AI results show, Zoe Busiek: Wild Card (I think it's just called "Wild Card" in the U.S., and did you know it's filmed in Toronto?)

Thursday - Friends (when the episodes were new), Survivor, The Apprentice

Friday - Joan of Arcadia, JAG

Saturday and Sunday don't have regular shows for me, but sometimes movies. And I need to use my VCRs a lot to watch all these programs, since some occur at the same time. Also, when I work at night, I tape them and watch later. I'm almost looking forward to the summer, which I call "rerun season," so that I won't feel so bad about TV - there won't be as much to watch so maybe I'll be outside in the evenings while there's still daylight.

Becca :)

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