Wednesday WWW's

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Wednesday WWW's
Wed, 04-21-2004 - 4:12pm

It's been a while since I posted a Wednesday W....

What's your Wish for today?

What are your Woes?

Any worries that you'd like to get off your chest?

My wish is for a busier month at the office in May. Things are going very slowly here and that's not a good thing at all.

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Thu, 04-22-2004 - 8:39am
My wish for this week is that it will be possible for me to take a short trip home this year. In the last couple weeks, I've really felt homesick. In many ways, Fredericton is home, but since my parents are far away, I'm dreaming of visiting them.

My woe is that I've been quite tired lately after work - sore feet, knees, back. Someday I'll buy a laptop so that I can recuperate on the couch and still have my Internet. :) (I also use the computer for editing my novel, so that has been slow going for a bit.)

My worries shouldn't be about money, but they are. I feel like I'm spending too much, though the balance in our account is much higher than I've been used to in the past six months. I guess once I have to pinch pennies, it's hard to know what's reasonable spending. I suppose that most of my purchases are necessities, anyway - new shoes for work so my feet will be happier, groceries to stock the kitchen, etc. And I'll need a new computer chair eventually.... There are many times I wish there was no such thing as money, and yet I can't imagine how our world would function. I'll be praying that none of us will be "strapped for cash."



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