Can Mirena cause hypertension?

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Can Mirena cause hypertension?
Thu, 03-15-2007 - 5:41pm
I have had the Mirena iud for over a year, and a few months ago I suddenly developed high blood pressure. Since I've never had this problem before, I wonder if it could be related to the Mirena. I've asked my gynecologist, who says it's not likely, but I'm still suspicious. I'm 46, average weight, non-smoker, and exercise regularly. I'm reluctant to have the Mirena removed since it has eliminated my very heavy periods, but I would rather do that than take blood pressure medication unnecessarily. Has anyone else had the same problem?
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Thu, 03-15-2007 - 6:19pm

I've also never heard of that problem. I have Mirena too. Unfortunately it's not uncommon to begin to have high blood pressure later in life if there is a family history of it. Do you have that? It could be the cause. I don't really think it's the IUD.


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Thu, 03-15-2007 - 7:13pm

Hi syncsk8r, welcome!



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Thu, 03-15-2007 - 11:20pm

I'm 26, well 27 tomorrow :) And at my last doctor's visit, my blood pressure was unusually high - unusual in that I've never had a high blood pressure, not that it was crazy high or anything. They said something about it, but did not blame my Mirena IUD. They just chalked it up to nerves. (High blood pressure does run in my family - in particular, my dad.)

We'll see where my blood pressure is at at my yearly in August.... but by that time, I will be having the Mirena removed to start trying to concieve :)

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Tue, 02-07-2012 - 2:57pm

I've had the Mirena inserted only 3 weeks ago and my blood pressure went from normal to 195/100.