nuva ring/ hot water?

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nuva ring/ hot water?
Sun, 06-17-2007 - 8:37pm


I have a question about nuva ring. I have been on it for about two months now and so far things seem to be going well. However, a few weeks ago I was in the shower and it started to slip it so I took it out, rinsed it off, and put it back in. I was told when that happens to rinse it in warm or cool water. I am afraid that the water was too hot. So I was just wondering what actually happens if the water is too hot? Does that give me less protection against becoming pregnant? Any input would help! Thanks!

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Sun, 06-17-2007 - 10:45pm

Hi bobcat1987, welcome!



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Mon, 06-18-2007 - 10:30pm

If it's on its way out and you catch it(with clean hands) and it doesn't hit any potentially nasty surface, you don't need to rinse it off.

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