Spring Roll Call!

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Spring Roll Call!
Thu, 04-02-2009 - 2:22pm





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Name: Lorry

What is going on with you? I'm doing well. Nothing exciting recently, but sometimes that's nice.

Kids names: Dagmar Lee

What are your kids into these days? She's obsessed with standing up. She spends pretty much every waking moment trying to find something to pull herself up on. Maybe she'll be cruising soon?!

What are you reading? nothing at the moment, actually… in the middle of another project

What are you doing for Easter? going to London

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Fri, 04-03-2009 - 12:56am
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Name: Julianna

What is going on with you? next week is spring bread and this day is going by so. slow.

Kids names: Alexandra (5) and Zachary (2.5)

What are your kids into these days? Allie is into pink and princesses (gag) and Zachary loves trains, trucks and dinosaurs.

What are you reading? Parenting Beyond Belief! :D And A Thousand Splendid Suns (From the author of The Kite Runner).

What are you doing for Easter? Heading out to my cousin's house, about 1.5 hours away. We're going to have enchiladas. :)

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I donated my freezer stash of EBM to another mom through

* Milk Share *

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Disney Sig
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Name: Karen

What is going on with you? I am on my SECOND homeschool expo in two weekends...this with my dad dying last week.
I'm an exhausted mess.

Kids names: Elizabeth (11) and John John (8)

What are your kids into these days? Rock Band 2, World of Goo, other computer games while I am totally neglecting them.

What are you reading? a Totally fluffy, not really great Nora Roberts.

What are you doing for Easter? Getting each kid an ipod. Nothing else. Nothing says "Welcome Spring" like an ipod.

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