Sling problem (m)

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Sling problem (m)
Fri, 04-04-2003 - 1:16am
I have been wearing my 2.5 month old son all the time. He is pretty big already (15 lbs) all from mommy's milk. I sit him up with his back against my chest and his legs crossed and he is happy as a clam. My only problem is that my neck is sore from all of the friction caused by the sling rubbing on the side of it. I have an OTSBH sling, btw.

Am I wearing him incorrectly? My neck is all chaffed now, ouch!

Thanks for any advice.

Wendy (with 12 week old Austin)

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Fri, 04-04-2003 - 3:44am
I have a Nojo which is a similar style. If you really like the padding, you might try adjusting it to see if you can get the shoulder part to stay firmly on the shoulder without touching the neck - that's how mine sits on me, and it stays there better when I have it adjusted very snugly, as DD's weight holds the shoulder part in place. Or you could try an unpadded sling - they tend to sit more snugly on the shoulder and don't have parts that stand up and rub.

There are non-adjustable unpadded slings at and and adjustable (with rows of snaps) at and Here's a recent review of an adjustable fleece pouch:



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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 11:58am
I think the OTSBH is very similar to the Nojo (which I have) so I'm responding too. I just want to add that it's probably all that extra padding. Kangaroo Korner is awesome. I found that an unpadded or slightly padded sling to more comfortable.

But by far, my most comfortable sling has got to be the Ultimate Baby Wrap. I talk about it a ton. It doesn't strain my back or hurt my shoulders at all. On the who's who's under babywearing I'm wearing the sling. Over at MDC you can also find some posts about it.

It's basically a long peice of fabric that you wrap around you. Baby sits inside the crosses on the front or the back.

info site:

Let me know if you have anymore ?'s

Here's another pic on Grace's most recent baby pics (down at the bottom)