Hotsling vs. Adjstbl Pouch??

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Hotsling vs. Adjstbl Pouch??
Sun, 10-10-2004 - 3:30am
Hi.. I already have a Hotsling (basic stretch pouch) and really like it, but it seems like a tight fit in through the hip area for my daughter now that she is getting bigger and yet sometimes it seems a like there is a little too much room through the shoulders (even with the shoulder-flip). She loves tummy to tummy but that doesn't seem to work too well. As a matter of fact that is where we have the most trouble with the shoulder being snug enough. She likes to look out but, that is where it gets too snug through her hips, etc. It's like I can never get the perfect fit :( I feel like Goldlocks... LOL Now I did try the hip position this past weekend, and it worked out really well. But I can see having her near my arm around the house could be a problem trying to get things done.

Anyway, I did have a chance to try a ring-sling, and that's a no-go for me. I am just ring stupid... LOL Couldn't the dang thing to adjust for NOTHING. So that's out, but I need a back-up sling!!! So I was considering getting a fleece Hotsling. They look nice and roomy and seem to conform well. I had also remembered that a friend of mine raved about KK Adjstbl fleece sling too, so I went to check it out. And then of course Maya makes one too, so I looked through theirs, and now I don't know what to do!!! I did go on and read reviews at TBW, and the all seem fine, the only thing seems to be some people saying the fleece was too hot, even in winter, which conscerns me since I live in Southern Utah, Arizona, Vegas area... i.e the desert.

So my question is, which is better? And is fleece a bad thing?




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Sun, 10-10-2004 - 10:36am
I would think if you are having size issues then an adjustable pouch makes sense. I have never tried any of the pouches you mentioned though so I can't recommend one. I have never like pouches though I don't like how they fit on my shoulder, its uncomfortable to me, and I don't like that you can't adjust them. I have heard from a lot of people at TBW that they like the KK adjustable and I think there is a babyspace adjustable also?


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Sun, 10-10-2004 - 5:13pm
I only own the hotslings (4), but I did have a KK fleece pouch first. I thought the fleece was great - probably the most comfortable of all the different materials. My reservation about owning a fleece sling is how do you dress with it? Do you wear a jacket over it or under it? Do you dress baby in layers? In any case, I tried the fleece sling in April in Texas. So it isn't cold, and dh and I were able to use it for an hour or two inside our home (72 degrees).

The only reason why I do not own the KK fleece pouch now is because I was in between the small and medium. I think I needed the rows of snaps where there wasn't a choice, you know what I mean? The snaps are about one inch apart, and I think I needed the snaps where the gaps were between the snaps. Anyhow, even though its somewhat custom, it wasnt custom enough for me to get a good fit. It was either a bit too small or a bit too big. The adjustable part is great though, and I wish it would have worked out for me.

As far as getting the hotsling to a comfortable fit in the shoulder area and hip area.... It could be where baby is. I noticed if I do not have my ds in the hotsling just right (seam runs down the middle of his back, leg rails right under his knees), it is uncomfortable. Not only do I notice ds arching his back in discomfort, but I feel strain myself.

Did I just make things more complicated? I didn't mean too - LOL. Personally, I would love to have a fleece sling - in fact I'm trying to decide whether or not I should buy my 5th hotsling! The comfort of the material and how it hugs the body wins it over for me. The KK one didn't work for me, but it worked for a friend of mine. So it might work for you. As far as the ring slings - I don't like the look and the extra fabric hanging.

Good Luck -