Do plus size mom's need a "special"sling

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Do plus size mom's need a "special"sling
Sun, 10-10-2004 - 4:50pm
Hello. I'm a lurker on this board (a regular on the OCT 2004 EC). I've gotten some good advice to buy a sling (from well trusted friend's that come to this board also). I was wondering if I would need to get a "special" sling because I'm plus size? I used to wear size 20-22 clothes (not sure what size now). I DID have my I'll be loosing weight (hopefully). Also.. is there a place to get inexpensive slings? I'm tight on money but I think this would be a good investment. Any info you have for me would be great. Thanks a bunch ladies!!


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First of all... Congratulations!

I don't know much about ring slings, as I am a fan of the non-adjustable pouches (Hostlings). You will need to order a sling based on your size. Different slings have different size charts. The size charts vary, but are based on height, weight, measurement from houslder to opposite hip, etc. I'm not sure if all have the option to order sling out of their size range. I do know that you can order a hotsling to your specific size.

To look and compare at various types of slings you can go to You can look at non-adjustable pouch type slings at

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I don't think you need a special sized sling. I am 5'6" I don't really know what size top I wear, but I am a 40G and I wear a regular in the slings I make. There are a lot of work at home moms that make slings that don't cost a ton. There are also of course things like silk slings that are around $100! Doing a search for baby slings on google or on ebay you should be able to come up with a large number of decent priced slings. You can also check at they have reviews of all sorts of different slings that could help you decide.


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I'm a bigger gal myself (about a size 18, but with VERY broad shoulders and ribcage, besides the bfing boobs! LOL) and I use a MEDIUM MayaWrap- it's the only MEDIUM anything I've worn in years LOL (and there is plenty of tail to cover while bfing, ete)! Though kind of pricey, (about $50 with shipping),the website ( has clearance slings as well as directions for making one (simple and inexpensive that way). BTW, money is tight here but that was the BEST baby money I've spent!



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I made my own with the directions from

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