refusing the sling

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refusing the sling
Thu, 10-14-2004 - 9:11am
For the past two days, my Julia has been refusing to go in teh sling. By refusing I means she arches her back and screams bloody murder on the way in and the whole time she's in there. Normally, she might fuss a little when I first put her in, because she hates the getting in and getting out process, but she'll usually settle once she's comfortable, and she's always loved actually being in there. The last two days, she will NOT settle at all. YOu'd think I was torturing her.

I have thought and thought and I can't think of a good reason for this, except that she's not feeling cuddly. I couldn't think of any bad experience she might have had that she associates with the sling. And I don't think she's in pain or very uncomfortable in there-- I've been using the same positions I always did, and this was seriously like an overnight switch-- On Monday she loved it, Tuesday she hated it. I have tried cradle hold, belly-to-chest snuggle hold, and a modified kangaroo hold (I rigged up a way to do it while still giving her head support-- she hasn't got head control yet.) and she hated all three.

She won't ride in DH's sling either.

My question is-- should I let it go for a while, or should I keep trying? I really need her to be in there, because I have too much to do to hold her in arms all day, and I really hate the idea of leaving her to lie in the crib or in a seat. She's not old enough to take an interest in many toys, and she'd mostly just lie and stare at the same tired old mobile. She's only 6 weeks old.

But honestly, that's what she seems to want. She seems to want to be left alone to lie there.

How do I AP a kid who wants all the things that are supposed to be NOT AP? Do I follow her cues, or do I carry her even though she doesn't want to be carried?

Can you tell I'm confused?


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Thu, 10-14-2004 - 9:36am
AP'ing is about listening to your child. It sounds like she is clearly saying that for now she is content to lie there in a bouncy seat, or in a crib, on the floor.. and just be observant.

Also, at 6 weeks there is a growth spurt which may be making her feel uncomfortable right now.

The tools (slinging,etc) are there to help make AP'ing easier. They do not make it AP'ing when used.

Does that help?

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Thu, 10-14-2004 - 9:53am
I would keep trying the sling every couple days to see if she is comfortable with it, if it helps you get things done. For now if she is content to just sit or lay and look at things try to have her in her bouncy seat near where you are so she can watch what is going on around her. Following her cues is usually the best way to go about doing things.


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Thu, 10-14-2004 - 11:56am

I'm posting this without reading other replies.

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