Slings for Twins...?

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Slings for Twins...?
Fri, 10-15-2004 - 5:20pm
I have a large New Native Sling. I love it for carrying them together. But I'm needing to carry one at a time, and would like to put one on each hip. The large is to big for just one baby. So I'm thinking 2 med ones. But do you lose size when they're crossed? How does everyone like the Hotslings? The stretch material sounds nice.

Is anyone else slinging twins?



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Fri, 10-15-2004 - 11:22pm
I didn't have luck w/slings but I use a Maximom baby carrier. It is a backpack style, but you can wear your babies on the front and back or in front side by side(one one each hip), and they even separate for when dh is with me and we can both wear a baby. They also make a version for triplets two in front and one in back. I think it goes up to 35 lbs per child. I don't think I will be wearing 70 lbs of baby though.

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PS you would have to purchase it on line. I did a search for Maximom. I love it for times when I have to go up two flights of stairs to take our other kids to practice. Much easier than lugging carseats where strollers won't go.

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Fri, 10-22-2004 - 12:23pm

My friend has twins and wears them in two Kozy carriers one in the back and one in the front.