Sewing your own sling

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Sewing your own sling
Sat, 10-23-2004 - 12:28am
I want to make my own sling. I can't even sew a button but my mom is a pretty good seamstress. How difficult is it to make your own sling? Did you like the results? Any advice or suggestions? I got the instructions off TIA for anything.


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Sat, 10-23-2004 - 9:47am
Sewing slings, especially a maya wrap is very easy. I would send her the instructions from the maya wrap site and see what she says. I believe the mayas are just a rectangle of fabric with rings sewn into them. You can get the rings at any hardware store. I've sewn the Elizabeth Lee slings for my sisters and friends (they are similar to the Over the shoulder baby holder ~ slings with padded rails) and were very easy to make. All they take is straight stitching, nothing fancy.

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Sat, 10-23-2004 - 10:41am
A basic ring sling is not that hard to make. I am not fond of the directions from Maya's site. There are better ones here


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Sun, 10-24-2004 - 4:09pm
so glad you want to wear your baby! my MIL made my sling from the maya wrap instructions. She used a reversible fabric and even reversed the directions because i am left-handed and would use it on the other shoulder. my only complaint is that the tail is way too long - and I am 6ft tall, lol!


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Mon, 10-25-2004 - 3:40pm
i made a tube-style sling. I love love love it! I am carrying my 26 lb toddler in it! Get some good fabric...but use chep stuff to start...I used a cheap flannelette (sp?0 to start out with.. I was not happy with it only bc it made holes where my machine stitched. Not very supportive...but it worked great! So, I found more fabric that was better (still on sale! woohooo!!) and made a better one. Very easy. I JUST bought a new machine...I am NOT experienced at all! but the instructions were simple. just read them over a few times and try it out.

Best of luck to you! I am looking fwd to using my slings with the new baby. I dont know how anyone lives without them.

*Bright Blessings*

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