Hip Hammock question

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Hip Hammock question
Wed, 11-03-2004 - 2:04pm
Hi, ladies--I am pleased to say, that after participating in the Hip Hammock discussion below, I decided to buy one! I did not get a Swanke original denim one, because although there were some up for sale on EBay, I would have ended up paying more for one of those than I did for a Playtex-brand one. The denim would have been nicer, but the black isn't so bad that I was going to spend a lot more to avoid it. Anyway, Margaret likes it, and has ridden around in it during dinner-making, and also during a shopping expedition today. My question is this for those of you who use Hip Hammocks--it does dig into my neck some. It has a cushion there, but whenever I go to adjust the strap itself, the pad swings around and isn't facing the "squooshy" side toward my body anymore. I could live with that, but the strap just kind of slides up toward my neck and digs there. Do I need to tighten the waist belt maybe? I have to say that it's not quite as comfortable as the sling, but now that Margaret is over 26 pounds and very wiggly, that wasn't holding her quite as securely anymore. Plus I just wanted to try something different! I'm not unhappy with it; I do realize that carrying an active toddler is not going to be super-easy no matter how you do it, so I can accept that. Just wondering if anyone else has had or solved the neck-digging problem with the Hip Hammock. Here is the link to what I have:




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Wed, 11-03-2004 - 4:26pm
I have one but haven't had the flipping problem. I don't know why it would do that to you... is the strap twisted when you clasped it? I usually leave the upper body strap clasped and just pull it over my head when I put it on. That may or not be your issue, though. Either way, make sure it's adjusted so that your baby is pretty tightly against your body.

Still, it can rub a bit on the neck sometimes but if I wear a shirt with a collar on it I have less of a problem with it. If I wear the strap toward the outside part of my shoulder that helps, too, but it can start to slide inside and I have to pull it out again. Pretty much anything will do that, though, I guess. I still love it! Good luck!

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Wed, 11-03-2004 - 8:08pm
I don't have much input on how to fix the digging in to your neck issue, but I do know its an issue lots of people have with the hip hammock. Here is a link to a different product http://meihipcarrier.com/


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Mon, 11-08-2004 - 9:55pm
Wow, that meihip carrier looks really cool! I have a ride-on carrier, it also sometimes rides up on the neck. I think that sometimes it helps to pivot the baby around towards the front more (i use it with the baby facing out alot, too). My padding usually stays put if I make sure everything isnt twisted when i put it on.