New mom looking for sling advice.....

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New mom looking for sling advice.....
Wed, 12-08-2004 - 4:36pm

Hi all--

I just had a baby on Nov. 20th, and the pediatrician recommended today that I get a sling since the baby is a little on the fussy side. I am new to slings and stuff like this so would really appreciate your recommendations. I am on the klutzy side though so nothing too complicated! I am sure you get this question all the time so I apologize in advance if it is a repeat.

Thank you!


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Wed, 12-08-2004 - 5:11pm
The most simple basic sling you can find is a pouch type sling. Most everyone I know recommends them from because she is really great to work with and has great sizing. I personally can not stand pouches and always go for an unpadded ring sling which is also pretty basic, but you can adjust it for bfing in our just adjusting the height and way you are holding the baby. You can also go in to the whole world of baby carrying with mei tais which I love for long term carries with an older child. Wraps that I have not tried, but are also supposed to be wonderful for long term carries. There are also all sorts of traditional carriers from different cultures. After all that I liked my plain 100% cotton unpadded ring slings best for little babies. Now with my friend's winter baby I have just given her a flannel sling, but its still an unpadded ring sling that she loves and can't wait to use. If we ever have another I will probably add to my collection of slings with a brocade or silk sling, but as I rarely use a sling with my almost 3 year old it would not be the best way to spend money at the moment for me.


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Wed, 12-08-2004 - 10:52pm

I have a Sling-Ezee, which is a padded ring sling just like the ones you see in the pictures in Dr. Sears books. They're made by Parenting Concepts, which is a work-at-home-mom business. It is very easy to use because the padding holds the sling open so it's easy to get the baby positioned, and comes in three sizes. It is a good beginner sling, and I would definitely recommend it. It is comfortable for long term use, and you can do a lot of different holds, but it LOOKS a little silly on becaue it is so bulky.

I also have a Maya Adjustable Pouch. The Maya rings slings are just like my Sling-Ezee only without the padding, and with a nicer tail for breastfeeding coverup, and they're very adjustable. Mine is not a ring sling, though, it's a simple pouch that adjusts with buttons and a zipper. It's a little more limited in what carries you can do, and while it is somewhat adjustable it sometimes is a little hard to adjust it to exactly where you want it, which means I sometimes get a little backache after a long time. The fabric is gorgeous though, and you can't beat it for ease of use, and it LOOKS really good.

I would recommend either of these. I have no experience with any other carriers, so I can't really say anything about them, but I have heard that the carriers like Baby Bjorn that hold baby upright with the legs dangling, as if the baby was in a parachute, are not really very good for the baby's back. It is better to have something, I think, that supports and molds to baby's spine a little better, or at least has a pouch for baby's bottom to sit on.

There's great babywearing advice at


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Thu, 12-09-2004 - 9:27am
Also, check out They have lots of different slings and recommendations and comparisons. Good luck!

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